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About the Artist


When I was 6 I wanted to be an artist. I’ll never forget the day I decided to sell my drawings in my driveway, I had them all lined up, with rocks on top to keep them from blowing away. My neighbors all bought some of my 25 cent drawings, which in retrospect I know makes them really sweet people. I remember how excited I was that they had my drawings at their house, and wondered if they had them up on their fridge.

I have always been really fascinated with the old pictures of my family. Pictures of my grandma with my dad as a newborn, my other grandparents on their wedding day, my mother being crowned homecoming queen, pictures of me on the beach when I was young…. all these old pictures mean so much to me. I pull them out over and over, imagining what my family members were thinking the day, what they were feeling, what their life was like, seeing how beautiful they looked.

Generations from now, people I will never know will be looking at pictures I took of their loved ones, or of a scene that captivated me, and I hope that those images will mean as much to them as they have meant to me. Just as when I was 6, wondering if those kind neighbors were looking at the drawings I had made, I am filled with pride and excitement knowing that my art will touch people’s lives in unexpected ways. Today, I am an artist, and capturing rare and beautiful moments is what I do.




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